Manhattan after dark

Heavy rain combined to numerous neon signs made Manhattan and Times Square look like an endless sea of lights, as the puddles of water mirrored colours spreading along the streets. Tourists strotting around Times Sq. were hiding under their umbrellas, trying to find a better shelter from the rain. We took advantage of the awful weather and put our camera ready for some great nighttime photos. I was holding an umbrella, trying to protect the camera while Markus was taking the photos. Finally, when the rain stopped and the streets looked even more beautiful – our camera decided to run out of battery. Maybe it was a sign, that not all moments are meant to be photographed.

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2 thoughts on “Manhattan after dark

  1. Duke Stewart says:

    Really cool journey through one of my favorite cities. I loved that you used an unfortunate rainy day and turned it into a great read. Rain and night can play havoc on photos but you made it work. Loved this!

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