Second hand shopping in Williamsburg

Last month we were visiting NYC and stayed in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. One day we wanted to explore the neighbourhood and found a local second hand store – Le Point Value Thrift. I really like second hand shops and flea markets so this was a must-visit. I remember myself saying “let’s just check this out quickly”.. famous last words!

There was so much to explore! I hardly ever find any clothes as second hand because I am very petite, but there was a whole rack of size 2 and 4 shorts. I bought one pair. I also found 90’s Steve Madden shoes that were in really good condition – and also my size. Lucky me!

Markus too made some good findings and we left the store happy. Round the corner there was another second hand shop, except that there was a sign in front of the store saying “vintage clothing”. We entered and noticed that there was much similarity in the clothes with the previous store’s clothing. We were accompanied by older spanish speaking ladies in the first store, second one was full of young hipsters. Well, at least the prices were on the same level. Later we noticed that the clothing to both stores came probably from same truck behind the building – one store just was clever enough to call their clothing vintage – it seemed to bring more customers. I just found it a little funny.

If you are in Williamsburg and wish to buy some second hand clothing, check out this place – it’s on corner of Flushing Ave & Knickerbocker Ave. And there is another shop just round the corner.

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