Sightseeing in Hollola

We have been enjoying lovely weathers during the Easter. As we are visiting relatives in the countryside and the weather was spectacular already in the morning, we decided to do some sightseeing in Hollola. Hollola is located next to Lahti city, which is an hour ride away from Helsinki.

Linnamäki (“Castle Hill”)

Panoramic Tower and views over Vesijärvi lake

Kapatuosia Castle Hill is known of its panoramic tower. Unfortunately at the moment the tower is closed due to its condition – it’s in a desperate need of renovation. Luckily the views from the hill over the Vesijärvi Lake were beautiful too.

The castle hill is quite historic too. About 8000 years ago it was used as a residence. Also some relics and remains of buildings from the Middle Ages have been found. About 1000 years ago there used to be a wooden castle.

After hiking up the castle hill we decided to check out the Hollola House museum. As it’s Easter, the place was closed of course, but we were able to observe the buildings from outside. I think the buildings date between late 18th and early 20th century.

At last but not least, the medieval stone church of Hollola. This church lies in front of the Kapatuosia castle hill and dates back to 15th century. We have quite many of these in Finland, actually one in my home town Vantaa, too. The stone churches are quite small and simple yet very beautiful. I am not really that religious but I like old churches, mostly because of their architectural style. I know that back in the days churches used to be an important place, not only for religious purposes but for people to gather.

Before this morning I knew nothing of these places. Today we wanted to go somewhere, so I opened Google and started to search what we could see today. Actually we found the house museum accidentally when we were walking towards the castle hill. We had a great morning and learned a lot about new places. It’s always a good decision to do some sightseeing!

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