What kind of a traveller I am?

I was searching some stuff online and found a quiz “What Kind of a Traveller Are you?” from The Drinking Traveller‘s site. So, of course, I had to give it a try.

This is what I got:


You, my friend would probably enjoy travelling with a companion (or in a couple). You like to think a lot but you also like to talk. You want to share your travels with someone you really get on with, not a bunch of random people. However if you can’t convince anyone to come along with you by no means rule out the trip.

I guess the quiz questions were a little leading, but still, I would agree with that result. Past four years I have been travelling more or less with my significant other, Markus. When we met, he had just returned from a 5 month trip around South East Asia and Australia and listening him talking about SE Asia really made me want to travel there, as I had never visited for example Thailand before. Anyway, back to the result..

Before meeting Markus, I had travelled pretty much only alone. Maybe I had had some trips with a friend, ex-boyfriend or family or something, but finishing my exchange student year in Japan I returned there quite many times and travelled there alone. I considered myself as a lonely wolf, just enjoying the great company of myself when travelling.

Hiking in Nepal

But when Markus and I travelled together for the first time (which was 4 years ago in Laos by the way) I realized that yup, this is what I want – I want to travel with someone I can discuss and share travel stuff with during travelling. I remember, when some other traveller asked Markus “how can you travel with your girlfriend” with a big question mark over his head. Markus didn’t quite understand, what was the problem. After that we talked with Markus about travelling alone, travelling with your boyfriend/girlfriend or just with bunch of friends and what we think is the best way to travel.

I myself don’t see a future in a relationship if a couple can’t travel together. Or I mean, if there is one who wants to travel and the other one doesn’t. Markus and I both love travelling, so why not experience it together? To be honest, at this point of our relationship (as we have been together for quite many years already) it would be pretty strange if only one of us left abroad to travel for months! Of course, that doesn’t mean that we couldn’t travel separate, but usually we try to plan things in that way that both of us can go and travel (together).

The Treasury in Petra, Jordan

But when it comes to travelling with a friend for example, I would say.. It’s a pass. I would choose travelling alone before travelling with a friend. Why? Well, I think travelling with a (girl)friend would create an enormous risk of trip being ruined, both of us stranded on a beach without an escape boat to another island and a friendship ruined forever. The thing is, you see, when travelling with a friend – and I think no matter how good friend you got – you both might still have a pretty different view about what you want to do, what you want to see, where to eat, to go out bar hopping or not.. But when travelling with your partner, I think you have ended up together in the first place because you are alike, you share interests so when it comes to travelling you probably want to do and see the same things. (But, of course, I have heard stories when a girl and a guy leave home as a couple and after few weeks of travelling they break up and one has to reschedule the flight back home because they don’t want to be on the same plane).

But before anyone starts to complain that “yes, I have travelled with a friend and it’s great” or “I would never travel with a boyfriend” I would like to say, that the interesting part of us human beings is that we are all different. We don’t share all of our interests with everyone or like the same things. That is also true when talking about travelling. The most important thing is that you find the form of travelling that suits you the best! :-)

What do you think? Are you a couple traveller, a lonely wolf or a spice girl/backstreet boy (travelling with a bunch of friends) – or something else?

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6 thoughts on “What kind of a traveller I am?

  1. Roy Duffield says:

    Beautiful post! And I’m not biased at all ;) Glad you enjoyed the quiz. I’ve shared this from my Facebook page. Wish you and Markus all the best with your travels and can’t wait to hear more from this blog!

    • Anne says:

      Thanks to you too for sharing! I think your blog is very interesting so I’m really happy that I decided to “search some stuff online” as I found it :)

  2. pkettunen says:

    Well, I do not have guessed that my result would be a “lone wolf”. I have for many years traveled with friends – and later with my family – and enjoyed it. But the truth might be that traveling alone begins to interest me. Maybe that will be the next stage in my life, I look forward to it.

  3. Chryssa says:

    <3 Loved by the teacher! 50 extra points! You're right, if you can't travel with your partner, with whom could you?

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